Our Company // Overview

Our IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing will help you secure your business operations so you can better focus on opportunities. You will experience requirements that are met on-time, within budget, and with high quality.
Our portfolio of business solutions ranges from Software Development and Infrastructure Management to Creative Services. We specialize in different verticals: security, mobile, e-commerce, web, marketing on-line, compliance and R&D.

We have wide expertise in the industries of Telcos, Insurance, Finance, High Tech, Travel & Leisure and Entertainment, and our clients have come to trust us with their most complex projects.

CIS understands that clients need to do more with less, respond quickly to the needs of their markets and get more strategic advantage from IT.

Whether it's IT services, outsourcing, or business solutions, we are able to help clients solve these business challenges.

At CIS, it means achieving real business results. I.T. SOLUTIONS DELIVERED

What Sets Us Apart

Strength. Agility. Flexibility. Get to the top with our IT solutions.

We combine our expertise in Outsourcing, Systems Integration, Infrastructure, and Security to deliver solutions that really matter to our clients.

With CIS as your valued business partner, your non-core processes become our core business, helping you reduce time to value, lower total cost of ownership, and improve the return on your IT investment. Our consultants work closely with our customers and their partners to assure quality, deliver business value and peace of mind.



The process of building an effective IT soultion starts with an understanding of your core business. CIS will not begin the implementation phase of a project without a thorough analysis of our client’s true business needs and clear definition of the goals and milestones that will define the success of the project. Our goal is to provide useful, robust and flexible solutions to achieve your IT business objectives.