What Sets Us Apart

Strength. Agility. Flexibility. Get to the top with our IT solutions.

We combine our expertise in Outsourcing, Systems Integration, Infrastructure, and Security to deliver solutions that really matter to our clients.

With CIS as your valued business partner, your non-core processes become our core business, helping you reduce time to value, lower total cost of ownership, and improve the return on your IT investment. Our consultants work closely with our customers and their partners to assure quality, deliver business value and peace of mind.



The process of building an effective IT soultion starts with an understanding of your core business. CIS will not begin the implementation phase of a project without a thorough analysis of our client’s true business needs and clear definition of the goals and milestones that will define the success of the project. Our goal is to provide useful, robust and flexible solutions to achieve your IT business objectives.



Our work will begin with an open and honest conversation, gaining an insight into your business, gathering an understanding of the challenges your organization faces.
After listening to and defining the issues and challenges we can then develop solutions to overcome them. Our consultants will then generate a proposal that will broadly define the scope of the entire project, with recommendations and options for project phases, timelines, and budget estimates.


This is when the real work begins. We focus our research and planning on creating a unique solution.
We present a functional specification that outlines the project and strategic objectives and discuss the details with you. We define the implementation strategy, assign the consultants and work with vendors that will drive results in a cost effective way.
We keep communication open with regular updates on the project’s development.


Our team lead will oversee the entire implementation phase, managing our developers, system integrators and vendors. Our project manager will make sure to keep the project on track and under budget, while maintaining communication open with regular updates on the project’s development



All projects include a support phase where we Review each stage of the project, Practice due diligence and quality control to make sure we deliver a high level of quality, ensuring we’ve accurately defined the issues and presented an effective business solution
We then present and transfer all project deliverables to the client and are available for knowledge transfer as required.


Our consultants can continue to work with you and your organization to measure the success of the project. We can provide a one-time evaluation or more regular quarterly reports, for example, to ensure that you are achieving your objectives and are current with the latest technology.

From our extensive experience we have developed a strategic approach to the design and development of our projects. We have found that by applying this approach we get the best results.